since in mutualism both the species are benefited then in interaction between orphys orchid plant and bee, how is bee benefited by undergoing pseudocopulation..?

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In general, the relation between orchids and bees depicts mutualism as both bees and orchids are rewarded. Bees help in pollination while they get nectar in return. However, the relation between orchid ​Ophyrs and bumble bee is an exception and is an example of mutualistic cheating. The orchid ​Ophyrs cheats the bumblee bee by looking like its female. Thus, the orchid Ophrys employs sexual deceit to get pollinated by bumble bee. Hence, it an example of mutualistic cheating.​ 
This interaction can be also included in the commensalism. ​

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the relation between orchid ​Ophyrs and bumble bee. 

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