Sir explain the following urgently:

Sir explain the following urgently: 21. Nitrogen a omic number 7) and phosphorus (atomic number 15) belong to group 15 of the periodic table. Write the electronic configuration of these two elements. Predict whether they are metals or non- metals. 22. An atom has the electronic configuration of 2, 8, 7. (a) What is the atomic number of this element? (b) To which of the following elements would it be chemically similar? N(7), F(9), P(15), Ar(18)

Atomic no. = no .of elections = no . Of protons Its chlorine atomic no. 17 Similar to the same group atom fluorine .
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Both are non-metals.
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Please find this answer

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Atomic number =17
The element is similar to halogens in 17th group.
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First of all I am a student
So your answer
Nitrogen atomic no is 7 so election configaration is 2,5 so it is non metal
Then phosphorus atomic number is 15 so 2,8,5 so it is also non metal
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