sir in ur video recording there was a question regarding significant numbers :
2.5 X 5.2= __________ and according to U it's answer is 13.0 .
Could U plzz explain the reason behind this ans , as in many refernce books like sl arora , it's given
to go with less number of significant number in case of multiplication and division.
Also according to me the answer should be 13.

Dear Student,

As,2.5×5.2=13.00But the least significant digits is 2So, 2.5×5.2=13Yes, you are correct, the answer must be 13.Note: In multiplication and division, the result will have thesignificant digits equal to the least number of significant digits among the numbers.Please send the the link of the video where you have found this,so that we can rectify the mistake.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

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