Sir plxxx give me answer these questions

Sir plxxx give me answer these questions construct a right angle at b following the same ZODC - ZDPB - 900 line CD is at a distance of 5 from Exercise 12.1 QI. Draw a line segment PQ of any length and take a point Toutside it. Drawaline Q2. Draw a line segment AB Of length 5.2 cm. Take any point P outside it. DrawalineCDparanelto AB and passing through point P. Q3. Draw a line segment AB of length 5 cm. Draw another line CD parallel to AB at a distance of 4.5 cm. Q4. Draw a AABC. Through A draw a line parallel to BC. Q5. Draw a line I and draw another line m parallel to of5.5cm. In this section, we shall study how to construct a triangle. For this a I Construction ofa triangle when three sides are given

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use the following method for all

let XY be the given line P be a given point outside it.
1.Take any point Q on XY.
2.Join QP
3.Draw AngleRPQ such that angleRPQ=anglePQY
4.Extend RP on both sides.
Then,the line RP passes through the point P and RP||XY
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Please find this answer

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12 because if u do 6?2 the ans is 12 and its the 50percent of it
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