Social science match the following

Social science match the following hang" 4. Guru Arjun dev was the nth Sikh guru c) tenth in the blank.. 2. In the Second Battle of panipat, Akbar defeated 3. The reign been called an the "Golden Age of Mughals" 4. Tansen lived in the court Of lit) Match the following. I. Rana Sanga 2. Din-I-llahi Second Battle of Panipat 4. Raja Todarmal 'V) Answer in one word. 1582 Revenue system Ruler of Mewar 1556 1. When was the Battle of Kanwah fought? 2. How is Jahangir's Autobiography known as?

Dear student,

Rana sanga-Ruler of Mewar
Din i ilahi-1582
Second battle of Panipat-1556
Raja Todarmal-Revenue system
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