soil formation is done by both biotic & abiotic factors.List the names of these factors by classifying them as biotic & abiotic factors.

Soil formation can be both by biotic and biotic factors.

Biotic factors includes biological i.e. living factors like plants, animals. When plants grow their roots penetrate deep inside the ground and result in breaking of soil particles and formation of soil. Certain lichens and microbes secrete substances which also leads to weathering (process of formation of soil) of rock and formation of soil. Human activities such as mining, digging also result in weathering and formation of soil. 

Abiotic factors means physical factors such as temperature, wind and water. When water flow with high speed it results in breaking of rocks. Wind also result in weathering when blow with high speed. The difference in the temperature of the day and night time results in expansion and contraction of the rocks leading to weathering and formation of soil.

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