Solve and solutn immediately

Solve and solutn immediately 6. A gas occupies volume of 0.35 dm3 at 290K and 92.458K Nm-2 pressure. Calculate the volume of gas at STP (Ans : 0.3 dm3) 7. Calculate the volume in litres occupied by of ammonia at STP (molar mass of NH3 = 17g mol-l) (Ans : 9.75L) 8. Calculate the volume in litres of 49.8g of HCI gas at STP (molar mass of HCI = 36.5g mol-l) (Ans : 30.56L) 9. Nitrogen gas is filled in a container of volume 2.32L at 320C and at 4.7 atm pressure. Calculate number of moles of gas (Ans : 0.436 moles) 10. A glass container is sealed with a gas at 0.800 atm pressure and at 250C. The glass container sustain pressure of 2 atm. Calculate the temperature to which gas can be heated before bursting the container (Ans : 4720C) 11. Agasat772mmHgandat350C occupies a volume of6.851. Calculate its volume at STP(Ans : 6.167L) ICE QUESTIONS the given alternatives for each subquestion

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bhai konsa question he ye to bata
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all the questn no.6to11 ch 2 answer immediately
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