Solve exercise f

Solve exercise f What an intell you are' How beautiful this painting is' Rewrite t he following a,' e . She is very bea 2, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. YO u are a very confused person. The rotten fruits are very smelly Sachin Tendulkar is a wonderful player, It is very dangerous to play with fire. It is a beautiful rain. She is a poor student. It is a dangerous place.

Its a very dangerous place !
She is very beautiful!
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Please find this answer

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Dks ks ks
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just add exclamation mark after each sentence
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Here are the answers :

1. How beautiful is she !
2. How confused person you are !
3. How smelly these rotten fruits are !
4. What a wonderful player Sachin Tendulkar is !
5. How dangerous is it to play with fire !
6. How beautiful rain is this !
7.How poor student is she !
8. How dangerous place is this !
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