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Solve it my intelligent friends 5. 6. 7. 8. What would you do to help maintain the equilibrium in the various bio-geo- -chemical cycles? Explain in brief. Explain in detail the inter-relationship between the food chain and food web. State the different types of bio-geo- chemical cycles and explain the importance of those cycles. Explain the following with suitable exarnples. a. What type of changes occur in the amount of energy during its transfel from plants to apex consumers? b. What are the differences betweer flow of matter and of energy in ecosystem? Why?

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Different kinds of cycles present in our environment. Apart from management of holistic cycles, we can improve the each steps of the cycles. Example "evaporation" is one of the steps in water cycles. Like this many process together compete the cycles. 
 These bio-geo-chemical processes are interconnected and driven by anaerobic and aerobic processes.So, the  people needs to maintain balance between every process in these cycles. 
​​​​​​Human activities degrade these process which in one sense or the other degrade the processes in these cycles.

Some steps could be:
1. recycle, reduce and reuse the material.
2. use organic fertilizers other than synthetic ones
3.reduce pollution from crop burning, vehicle,construction ect.
4. avoid the removal to vegetative land because it is the most fertile land.

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