Solve Q no.5
5. (a)State the condition for resonance to occur in series LCR a.c. circuit and derive an expression for 
resonant frequency. Mention the factors on which the resonant frequency of a series LCR circuit 
depends. Plot a graph showing variation of impedance Of series LCR with frequency of an ac source.(b) 
Draw a plot showing the variation of the peak current with frequency of the a.c. source used. Define 
quality factor Q of the circuit​

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the condition for the resonance in series LCR ac circuit is Xl=XcωL=1ωCf=12πLC the resosnant frequency of depends upon the inductance and the capacitance doenot depend upon the value of the resistance  
Image result for graph of impedance vs frequency
Image result for graph of peak current vs frequency
The quality factor is the measure of "selectivity" of an AC resonant circuit. Resonant circuits are used to respond selectively to signals of a given frequency while discriminating against signals of different frequencies.


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