Solve q46 and give detailed explanation

​Q46. An object of mass 20 kg moves along a straight line on a smooth horizontal surface. A force F acts on the object in its direction of motion. A graph of force against time is shown here. What is the velocity of the object at t = 6 s if its velocity at  t = 4 s is 4 m s–1 ?
        A. 3.5 m s–1

        B.​ 4.5 m s–1

       C. ​3.5 m s–1

       D. 6.2​m s–1

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Area of the Force time graph is equal to the change in  momentumArea from 4 to 6 second =12×base×height=12×2×hfrom the triangle 20h=32h=403mArea from 4 to 6 second =12×base×height=12×2×403=403P(at 6sec)-P(at 4 sec)=40320(v-4)=403v-4=23v=4+23=143=4.6 m/sRegards

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