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7 Read the dialogue given below and complete the paragraph that 
follows. Write your answer in your answer sheet.  1x4=4 marks 

Abhy: When is the cricket match in your school ? 
Anu : It is after One Week. 
Abhy: Are you also playing the match ? 
Anu : Yes, I am . 
Anu replied (b) 
Abhy asked Anu (a) ....Anu replied (b) ...Abhy  enquired (c)...Anu replied  affirmatively that (d) ...


Dear Student,

a) when the cricket match was in her school
b) that it was after one week
c) if she was also playing the match
d) she was 

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that when was the cricket match in his school
it was after one week
wether he was also  playing in that match
yes he was
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