Solve this Additional Resources Chapter 1: Food Production Very-short-answer oral questions 1. What is the process of scattering seeds by hand known as? 2. Salinisation of the Soil can be caused by 3. Canals used to divert rainwater from rivers are called permanent/inundaüon canals. 4. Which is more suitable When water is in short supply—drip irrigation or surface 5. The process Of separating the grain from the crop is called winnowing—true or false? 6. The protein contained in the white of an egg is called Reason for yourself l. Why do damaged fruit and vegetables spoil easily? 'Hint: in,ppens to us when wr wound?) nf proteins. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria live ir

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4. Drip irrigation- In this method water is allowed to fall drop by drop only on the roots of plants the method is excellent for regions with water scarcity as in this method there is no wastage of water.

5. True. Winnowing is a process of separating grains from husks. In this process, the mixture of grain and husk is dropped from a height. The heavier grain particles fall down straight  to the ground while the lighter husk particles are taken away by wind and are collected separately at a small distance from the pile of grains.

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