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1. Name the following :
(i) The yellow coloured fluid part of the blood.
(ii) The respiratory pigment contained in RBC's .
(iii) Any two organelles absent in mature RBC's.
(iv) The process of WBC's squeezing out through the walls of the blood capillaries.

2. Mention the following :
(i) Average lifespan of RBC's.
(ii) Range of RBC's per mm3 in a normal adult human female.
(iii) The two major categories of WBC's.
(iv) Blood cells involved in leukaemia.

Dear student,  

1. i) Plasma is a clear, yellowish colour fluid.
 Haemoglobin is a respiratory pigment in human beings contained in RBC.
RBCs /(Red blood cells)  need to remove cell structures like their nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes  upon maturity in order to carry oxygen very efficiently to the cells, utilising space vacant by these cell structures.

So, mitochondria is not absent in red blood cells from starting but yes on maturity it is removed to  leave space for oxygen transportation which is the main function of red blood cells. 

2. ‚Äči) Average lifespan of an RBC is 100-120 days.
iv) White blood cells

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