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Q. Change into Indirect Speech :

1. Hari said to me, "Can you spare some money for me ?"

2. I Said to the guest,"Are you comfortable here"?

3. The nurse said to the patient, "Don't you feel better this morning ?"

4. Gita said to Sita, "Is it not a surprise to meet you here today ?"

5. She said to me, "Are you well ?"

6. The teacher said to the student, "Have you completed your home-work ?"

7. The master said to the lazy servant, "What are you doing here in the backyard house?"

8. The lady said to the girl, "Do you live in this house ?"

The nurse said to the patient do not you feel better this morning
  • -6
Hari told me that I can spare some money for him
  • -3
Hari asked me if I could spared some money for him.
  • -2
I said to tha guest, "Are you comfortable here? "
  • -1
Hari said ,"are you comfortable here"
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