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Q. You may have seen TV news or read newspaper-reports about the 'bird flu virus' which created a scare in  the country and drastically affected egg and chicken consumption. Find out more about it and discuss whether the panic reaction was justified. How can we prevent the spread of the flu in case some chicken are infected ?

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Bird flu is an infectious disease that spreads from livestock to birds or from birds to livestock. 
Yes, the reaction was justified because there are some strains of bird flu virus which can spread to the humans and cause serious health concerns. 

Bird flu is a viral infection that mainly infects birds. The virus can spread to different types of birds and seriously impact the livelihood and economy of the country. There are chances of spreading of virus to humans and cause serious health risks. 

Try to remove the infected birds (suffering bird flu) from uninfected birds to prevent the spreading of infection among the other birds.  

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