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Which one is the most common embryo sac in flowering plant? 
(A) Monosporie. 8 nucleated and 7 celled 
 (B)Monosporie. 7 celled 7 nucleated
(c)Bisporic,8  nucleated and 7 celled
(D) Bisporic,8  nucleated and 7 celled ​

Dear student,
The correct answer is (a).The most common embryo sac in flowering plants is monosporic, 8 nucleated and 7 celled.Approximately 70% of the plant species have this type of embryo sac which consists of one egg cell, two synergids, three antipodals cells. It also consists of a centre cell which has two nuclei.It is called monosporic or polygonum type of embryo sac because three megaspores of the tetrad degenerate and one remain functional and form embryo sac.Hence, it is called as monosporic,7 celled and 8 nucleated embryo sac.

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