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Solve this: B. huge cute Spanish tiny Ohgpej V bowl. copper materiai¯j noun I yellow Australian love-bird. ber that adjectives follow a particular order Of placement in a phrase. This ord* that adjectives follow: Opifon Size Age Shape -e Colour Origin -w Material Purpose Gganize the jumbled words according to the correct order Of adjectives t' eaningful phrase. Hungarian/huge/dog/fat huge fat Hungarian dog b. bag/yellow/silk/small/a d. American/delicious/round/huge/strawberries a/dress/clean/cotton/old antique/container/an/brass dying/huge/a/kite/golden g. Plate/useless/a/wooden/large h. ADJECTIVES

Dear Student,

B) A new round glass table
C) A small yellow silk bag
D) Huge round delicious American strawberries
E) A clean old cotton dress
F) An antique brass container
G) A huge flying golden kite
H) A useless large wooden plate


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