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We have,1+ix-i2+i+1+2iy-i2-i=11+i2-ix-i2-i+1+2i2+iy-i2+i2+i2-i=12x+ix+x-2i-1+2y+5iy-2y-2i+14+1=13x+ix-4+5y=5On comparing real and imaginary parts, we get3x=5 and x-4+5y=0x=53 and 53-4+5y=05y=4-535y=12-53y=715So, (x,y)=53,715There is a printing mistake in the options given.

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The options are worng
The answer will be (x,y)=( 5/3, -17/15)
First rationalise and make the dinomenetor whole number and compare in a+ ib form with the RHS of your
The RHS will be 5-0i
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iam getting ( 5/13 , 7/15)
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iqbal how you get that 
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