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2. The story that jack said is about an animal named Roger skunk. Roger skunk did not have any friends because he always smelt bad. He went to see a wizard who made him smell like roses. But Roger skunk's mother did not like this. She hit the wizard on the head and made him change Roger skunk's smell back, the way it was.

3. Jo expected Roger skunk to smell like roses forever. She always anticipated a happy ending. But Jack wanted to teach his daughter a lesson. He wanted to show her that one does not always get what he/she wants out of life and sometimes we have to settle for what we have. When Jo expected that Roger skunk would forever smell like roses, Jack changed the story. He said it in such a way that Roger skunk's mother took Roger skunk back to the wizard and forced the wizard to change Roger skunk's smell back to how it was. 

4. Jo wanted the story to end the way she liked it to end, as a happy ending. If the wizard hit Roger skunk's mother, then Roger skunk would have stayed the way he was smelt, like roses. But this was not to be. Jack wanted to teach his daughter a lesson that she could not always get what she wanted in life, so matter how much she insisted. 


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