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Solve this: its in 'he the Is it more or reactive thm (iii What is its ? (w) What will t.» the formula of its (v) Is it larger or srnan« than 17. In group of the Periodic Table. three V and Z have ionic radii 1.33 Å. O % Å aryl respectively. Giving a reason. them in the order Of increasing atomic nunt*rs in 23 18. Explain why are the statements corret (i) All groups contain metals and non (ii) Atoms of element'S in the same grmo have me same number Of electron(s). (i") character decreases a with increase in atomic number. (iv) Reactivity increases with atomic a as well as in a period. 19. Match atomic 19, 15, 8, 4 eæh Of the following : (i) A metal of valency one. (ii) A solid non-metal of period 3. (iii) A rare gas. (iv) A gaseous element with valency 2. (2017) (v) An element of group 2. 20. Complete the following sentences choosing the correct word or words trom those given in brackets at end of each senterwe . (i) The properties of the elements are periodic

Dear student,
The size of atoms increases as one goes down a group.
X would be at the bottom position having larger radii among all the three, then Y above X and the from all of  the top would be Z.
And the element thefore that would be at the top would have least atomic number, Therfore the increasing order for the atomic number would be
Z then Y then X.
Therefore, the three elements in order of increasing atomic numbers are ZYX respectively.

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