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Solve this: ABACL ABAC in SOAP and AOBC, ZAOO zBOC ZAI;O AOAD AOBC OA 0B and OC = 00. Example is a If zA08 1260 and Z poc - zQCD = Solution. AP and BQ to meet at R A ABD-ABAC.s0ZA0b4 In BRIX, z RCD (each angle 52') (sides opp. equal angles are equal) ZRAB-2RDC *milady, ZRCtY zRAB ZRBA AR-RB. (corres us. AB AD = AR-DR RB - CR ABCD is an isosceles trapezium. (Example 27) ZOAB ZOAB* LDAC. 520-270 z 250 ZACB z ABC- 1800 1800-270-52 101.'. Exercise 12.1 (sum 5. (a) In i iguß figure diagona z ABO= 7. figure BE (b) figure (c) In figure ZOAB (a) In figu In L If two angles a quadrilateral are 400 and 1100 and the Other two 3 : 4. fir-Id these Z Ifthe angles mwirilateral, taken in order, are in the ratio a trapezium. 3. an angle • pamWvarn is two-thirds of its adjacent angle, find 4. (a) In figure (1) *v.' Wow, ABCD is a parallelogram in ZDBC COB and ADB.

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