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Solve this: 5) construct 6) Find the a) 176 for the solution X Write thccq a contain ng 3 blue and yell mglete lollo%ing dlagram ARC ec = AC = les X in the lollo'mn Section C the supplement a 38 subtract d f c) 5 time, a 6) Find the angles In each of the fig of the right 7)Find the probability of the following events a) Getting when b) Getting a from c) Selecting a girl from a group of 15 girls and S boys. P(G). 8) Find the of the a) a rectangle ABCC' In which AB cm and 3C = 8 cn b) PQRS 'Khich PQ=I g in which 7 s c g) co symmetrical the 10) Count the number of face. vertices and edges of the shapes given below and mite in the given Triangular Pentagonal prism

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4 a) Let the number be 'x'Acc. to question,x+3=10b)  Let the number be 'x'Acc. to question,x-12=23c)  Let the number be 'x'Acc. to question,2-5x=128 a) Perimeter of rectangle=2l+b=215+8=2×23=46 cmb)  Perimeter of square=4×side=4×17=68 cmc) Perimeter of equilateral =a+a+a=3a     --[where a is side of equilateral ]=3×7.5=22.5 cm 


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