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Rahul was drawing a picture. He was very creative and liked fine arts. His paintings were appreciated by all. His arts teacher also wanted him to pursue his interest. He did not like anyone to disturb him whenever he was drawing. But his younger sister, Mansi, hated this activity. She never kept her colours carefully. She was always interested in playing. The two were very different from each other but this had no impact on the love that they shared for each other.

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'We will draw something ',said Liza to Lucy her brother.Ok said Lucy.Both of them got to work and started to draw.But,a problem arose between them.Lucy and Liza needed the same crayon.Both of them started to fight. Lucy started crying.Hearing this their mother came into the room and scolded Liza for not sharing.Liza was angry and she asked Lucy the colours again.But, to her surprise her brother shared the crayons with her.Liza understood her mistake. She said sorry to Lucy. Lucy was happy that hi sister learned to share.
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