Solve b) Of oi the poem. read the lonn•aing questions and eboose opfions. and •rite the complete answer in your answer Sheets. enxrg•ng butterfly to a lady who comes through the door to tell us that " also a lady the lady and the butterfly ate tx-auuful the butterfly and lady are friends • Sway • sugE;tS that the butterfly will actually a A-av (iiii fly and ekplore lands go abroad become astray • pumoscle•ss circumference • reflects that she will eventually (i) takea direction (iii) away to a circle (ii) fly in the form ofa circles around flowers (ivi fly to a flower d) The poet uses the alliteration •pretty parasol' to tell us that (iv) the butteffly has beauty (i) the butterfly is an umbrella (ii) the butterfly flies (iii) the butterflies has its wings and the lady her parasol c) The poet refers to • audience of idleness '-she is talking about (ii) the element' of nature (i) the world of nature (ii) herself as she sits and watches when she is idle (iv) lazy people who do 0

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a) the lady and the butterfly are both _____ ( the last word is not clear in the image)
b) fly and explore new lands
c) fly in the form of circles around flowers
d) the butterfly has great beauty
e) the elements of nature

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