Speech against the motion on ban on old currency with the introduction of new currecy

Pls dont bring politics inside academics
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U can mention the problems faced by the people living in india specially in village areas...
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You could also write about the increased death rates particularly due to this ban, i.e; people die off standing in long lines waiting to transact money from ATM. You could also include how the ban hasn't helped curbing corruption.
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You can also addInconvenience this ban is causing to the people:-Since the ban was imposed just a few days back, it has really become a difficult task for the common man to survive on notes of Rs.100 only. Surprisingly, after the implementation of this ban, banks remains closed for public service and it caused inconvenience because people who have least amount of money found it difficult to survive in those days.

The Common man will be affected directly: ?There are many people who are not aware of the difference between the fake and the real money. Now banks would simply refuse to accept fake money and such a kind of people who unintentionally own the fake money would suffer a lot.

People who deal only in cash like wholesalers, retailers, garments shop, merchandisers would suffer a lot due to this ban. Real Estate Industry would adversely be affected.
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