speech of not killing animals

Animal rights is a idea of equity of the people and animals main needs: for example, needs to avoid pain, and to save their life. There are several different points of view on the problem, but the main message is that animals cannot be considered as private ownership and used for food, clothing, in the entertainment industry, and for scientific tests, and some rights, for example, the right to life and protection from infliction bodily harm and moral damage, must be legally fixed for animals.

In the concept of animal rights the idea of equity has been developed, according to which the only ethical approach to the problem is considered fair treatment of all living beings.

Animal rights imply that the interests of animals deserve some attention, regardless of whether they are beautiful, useful for any person, whether value they have for people (as well as the mentally ill person has certain rights, despite the fact that he does not often do any good and is burdensome to others). Based on the foregoing, we should recognize that animals are not our property, their life itself is valuable, and so we have no right to use them to meet our needs. That is, people should not eat meat from animals to wear their fur and skin, put them on experiments, to use them for play.

The concept of animal welfare recognizes that they have certain interests and needs, but puts human needs above. That is, according to this theory, animals can be “sacrificed” to a person. Meanwhile, the concept of animal rights implies that the interests of the animals cannot be ignored or sacrificed only to persons that receive some benefit from this. As already noted above, the animal rights organization try to bring to the public the idea that people should not kill animals, make clothes of their skins, to use them for tests and entertainment. However, the concept of animal welfare admits all this provided good content and painless slaughter.

Animals have the right to life, liberty and security of person (the abolition of slavery and torture), the right to protection from discrimination (as a person), the right to protection from man in court, the right to privacy, the right to protection of reputation, the right to free movement, the right to asylum, right to a family, the right to property (including habitats), the right to choose, the right to freedom. the right free to be from human intervention, the right to care and love from the people if people are already intervened in the animal’s life (the right to social security). Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. Animals have the right not to work for man. Animals do not owe anything to the humans.

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