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speech on indiscipline among student 

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Someone rightly said'' The key to success is discipline. Discipline is very important for the development of human beings. If man is a living discipline, he himself determines the path to the pleasant and bright future. Man Working regularly staying in the rules is called discipline. Inside is a discipline, so he puts himself to the hardships of the wedge. Student column is the mainstay of our country. These would be the lack of discipline, we can imagine that the country's future would be like. Student discipline is very important in life. If you do not discipline in his life, he will be left behind in the race of life. His discipline will make him fail. Students remain in the discipline as it is necessary to organize all your tasks. This route, which causes him to achieve success in life. Discipline is necessary to keep students from childhood. Learn to live in the discipline is derived from her own home. Students must follow all the rules in the school being built school. All lessons are taught by teachers with all my heart and should be studied. Homework given by teachers for home should regularly. We should do all your tasks on time. That is the true key to success.

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