State the important salient features of the modern periodic table.State how separation of elements and periodicity of elements forms an important feature of the modern periodic table.

Important salient features of the modern periodic table.
  • The modern periodic table has 18 groups 7 periods.
  • The atomic size of an element increases down the group due to the addition of shells at every unit. whereas the atomic size decreases from left to right along a period due to the increase in nuclear charge.
  • The metallic character increases down the group and decreases from left to right along a period.
  • The valency of elements first increases from 1 to 7 with respect to oxygen and 1 to 4 with respect to hydrogen and the decreases to 0 along a period.
  • The valency remains the same in a group.
  • The electronegativity of the elements increases along a period since the non-metallic character increases.‚Äč
  • similarity it decreases down the group since the non-metallic character decreases.

Separation of elements in different groups and periodicity in their properties explain that the nature of elements depend upon the same type of electronic configuration which verifies that the atomic no. is more fundamental properties on the behalf of which the elements can be classified.

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