Sudha, Naresh and Geeta were partners in a firm sharing profits and loses in the ratio of 5:3:2. Their capital were 600000,400000 and 200000 respectively. Their partnership deed provided for the following: 1) interest on capital @9% p.a. 2) interest on drawings @12 % p.a. 3) Salary to sudha 30000 per month and to naresh 40000 per quarter. During the year dusha withdraw 50000 at the end of each quarter, naresh withdraw 50000 in th beginning of each half year and geeta withdraw 70000 at the end of each half year. The profit of the firm for the year was 700000. Prepare profit and loss appropriation account.

My answr was 191400
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Plz provide the full profit and loss appropriation account
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Please find this answer

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Pl. Solve
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sudha naresh and geeta

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