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Suggest some measures to remove poverty in india.

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Steps to eradicate poverty in India :

1. Increasing Employment

Since unemployment is interconnected with poverty, raising employment opportunities in India is a surefire solution to poverty. Specific focus should be on the agricultural industry since the majority of people of the country depend on agriculture for a living. The quality of equipments and seeds needs to be enhanced for higher harvest.

2. Industrial decentralization

In India, a prominent problem is that all the industries are centralized or located in specific areas of the country. Decentralization of industries is necessary for the economic growth of the country and industrial units should also be set up in rural areas of the country for generating rural employment.

3. Improved healthcare facilities

Poor health condition becomes a deterrent for the people of India to work hard and earn a satisfactory amount to sustain their day-to-day living. In order to get rid of this hindrance, there should be improved healthcare facilities in both urban and rural areas.

4. Marketing of agricultural products should be facilitated

Only enhanced agricultural production will not solve the problem of unemployment which is one of the root causes of poverty in India. There should be better facilities for marketing the agricultural produces throughout India.

5. Ancillary industries in the rural sector

There should be opportunities for earning for the people who are engaged in cultivation activities in the rural areas at a time when the cultivation activities are not in progress. Cottage industry and ancillary industry like threading, furniture manufacturing, matchstick making, spinning, and rope making can make a significant contribution to eradicate joblessness and poverty.

6. Land reform rules should be made stronger

The lacunae in the land reform regulations should be done away with for making land reform statutes more sensible. Landless cultivators should be given land in order to ensure that they can earn some more money.

7. Higher focus on cattle breeding and husbandry

Cattle breeding and husbandry can make a significant contribution in generating employment in the rural areas and eradicating poverty. The government should focus on this sincerely and arrange facilities for training.

8. Bolstering Poverty Eradication Programs

The need of the hour is to make the poverty eradication programs like IRDP (Integrated Rural Development Program) more effective. More follow-ups are needed in this regard.

9. Instill the awareness of Family Planning

In order to tackle poverty, it is essential to inculcate the awareness about the importance of family planning in the minds of people. High population often leads to poverty hence it is essential to check population explosion. Family planning is a good measure to battle poverty.

10. Raising the awareness about society and political situation

In order to eliminate poverty from India, it is also important that we try our best to raise the awareness about the sociopolitical situation in the common people of the country. The population should be aware about the various advantages of the poverty alleviation programs and their importance.

In spite of government endeavors, CSR (corporate social responsibility) stays at a lower rank on the order of business of the corporate industry. Just 10% of financing is done by the corporate entities and other individuals for poverty elimination. The broadening difference of earnings between the poor and the affluent over an extensive period of time has invoked concerns of a public repercussion.

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Ten ways to remove poverty in India

1. Help Feed Poor people – Whenever you see someone poor, hungry or begging, try to give something to eat to that person. If he is a professional beggar, then he will not take food. But most of the time he is a poor person who would get some energy, vitamins, protein by eating food. Try offering a glass of milk to a rickshaw puller.

2. Donate medicines – If you see some sick poor person, do not shy away from buying some medicines for him. If you come across a poor person, talk to him and try to find if someone is sick in his household. Do you know there are many times some people sick in the household of a poor person that they spend all their earning on their sickness. If you step in and offer to buy a few medicines for that sick person, the poor family can sail through that hardship easily. Next time you come across your servants, maid, driver etc ask if they have someone sick in the family.

3. Provide Education – You will agree with me that education bridge the gap between a poor and rick person. Whenever you see some child working on a shop, ask him if he would like to study. Ask him what is his daily earning. Talk to his boss, if he can attend a part time or evening school. Believe me if only one person in a poor family acquires education, he can bring the whole family out of poverty.

4. Employ poor – Whenever you are hiring someone for a job, try to find his financial background. If two persons are similar in merit, then try to hire the financially poorer one. I am not saying that we need to discriminate against rich people. Rather we have to give first chance to a poorer person. If one poor person gets a job, he can feed a family and establish a prosperous household.

5. Give small loans – Often poor people get into some business and find it hard to raise loan. At times there are small sums as little as Rs. 2000 that can lead to the failure of their business. At this point they do not get loan as they do not have any collateral. There are many organizations where you can find such people who are looking for small loans. Believe me they are more genuine than the big sharks like- Satyam Chief, Harshad Mehta, Telgi like people who have usurped our hard earned money. So try to give small loans to poor people through micro finance schemes.

One good thing about small loans is that your money can be utilized again and again.

6. Visit Villages & Remote Areas – Next time when you plan your summer or winter vacation, try to visit some village near to the hill station or beach where you are staying. Just for getting some insight take a small walk to a village and talk with local people. Ask about their local conditions, weather, school, job, agriculture etc. You will get a good information about their living conditions. And then, you can take a conscious decision to help them.

7. Buy from Unorganized Sector – Today we all are running towards brand names, showrooms and malls. Whenever we buy things from organized sector like established brands, showrooms, malls etc the money flows towards the people who are getting richer. Often money also goes out of India to the countries like China that are exporting these things to us. Well, I am not against this flow of money. But give it a thought, if you are buying 10 things, buy at least 1-2 things from unorganized sector also. Do not look at the unorganized sector as local things. Give them a chance.

Think about your college time when you had bought things from small shops also. Yes, a small chance can really make a poor person’s business grow. Try buying sometimes from haats, mandis, street vendors, small shops etc.

8. Talk to Poor People – Well, you are rich or at least richer than a poorer person. In my experience, most of the rich persons are also more educated than a poor person. Education is one of the important factor that distinguishes you from a poor person. Now, if you really want to help reduce poverty, try devoting some time to impart education to poor people. If you are too busy to give a formal education to a poor person, just devote a few minutes telling them about important things in day to day life that you know. Like- while riding a rickshaw, try to talk to the rickshaw puller. Tell him about new govt policies or schemes that are there for every one. Tell him about RTI. You may think that RTI is irrelevant to rickshaw puller. Well there are so many things you have read in your school about Africa and South America that may look irrelevant to yor life now. But this is called education. You are trying broaden the outlook of a person. You are increasing his scope of thinking. I mean there are many things that look unimportant but can add value to a person’s experience.

9. Share with Poor people – If you believe in God, you would be thankful to him for giving you such a wonderful life free from poverty. But being thankful is not enough. Every religion teaches to share things with others. Well this good deed becomes multiple times if we share our happiness and prosperity with those who are less fortunate than us. If you share a box of sweet with your colleague, it may be normal thing with him. But if you share a box of sweet with poor person it would be great source of happiness to him.

10. Volunteer Some Time – If you are not too busy in your life, devote some time towards volunteering for raising the standard of poor people. You can associate with some organization, or you can just start giving some lessons to a poor kid around you. You can devote some time towards hospitals for poor. You can volunteer towards mess for poor people. You can go and teach in the school of poor children.


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Population control is an important measure for the eradication of poverty. The following reasons explain a direct relation between population control and poverty eradication.

1. Benefits of economic growth: It is often assumed that the the problem of poverty can be overcome with the accelerated economic growth. However, the benefits of economic growth may not trickle down to the masses until population growth is controlled. With high population growth rates, irrespective of the economic growth the per capita income will remain low. In other words, a high population growth rate offsets the benefits of rise in national income. Thus, to combat poverty, it becomes necessary that in addition to high economic growth, population is also controlled.

2. Availability of goods and services: A larger population implies a larger number of hands to share the output. In other words, higher population implies smaller per capita availability of goods and services with the same income. With population control the availability of goods and services can be increased among the masses. Thus, with the population control a higher standard of living and lower level of poverty can be achieved.

3. Benefits of education and health: Since, the resources of a country are limited, with high population the basic facilities of education and health remain inadequate. That is, a large section of the people remain deprived of these facilities. Low level of education and health further leads to low level of income and thereby contributes to poverty.

4. Effective government policies: The government of a country formulates various plans and policies for the eradication of poverty and other social ills. However, these plans and policies often remain unsuccessful due to high population. High population implies that the policies cannot be effectively implemented and do not reach the masses. Thus, effective implementation of government policies requires a control on the population growth rate.

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Poverty can be eradicated from our society by achieving the two aims of socialism which are:

1) To replace competitions for individual profit by social co-operation and responsibilities.

2) To ensure more equitable distribution of national income and opportunities by emphasizing the need of right to equality and right to education among all.

Thus freeing people from all kinds of exploitation- social, economic or political.

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