sukhdev, a farmer, had a son and a daughter . he decided to divide his property among his children. he gave 2/5 of property to his son  and 4/10to his daughter ,and rest to a charitable trust .
  1. whose share was more ,son or daughter
  2. what do you feel about sukhdev decision ? witch value is exhibited here?

Let the total property of farmer = Rs xPrperty given to son = Rs 2x5Property given to daughter = Rs4x10 = Rs2x5So, share of son and daughter is equal.

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to find which is more,
2/5    or  4/10
= 2*2/5*2  or 4/10  (taking LCM and making the denominator equal )
=4/10 or 4/10
both are equal.
ans 1:  son and daughter got equal share.
ans 2: A perfect decision on Sukhdev's part.  Gender equality is maintained.
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