summary of ....first flight and the black aeroplane.................pls

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The black aeroplane,written by federick forsyth is a mystery story.The story revovles around the mystery who the another pilot was.The narrator was on his way to england hoping to have a good english breakfast with his family.But he saw great storm clouds ahead of him.There were huge,mountain shiped clouds.The narrator risked to enter in the clouds.No sooner he entered in the clouds did everything went black.He saw anther aeroplane without lights on its wings.The pilot waved his hand to the narrator and asked him to follow him.The narattor followed the pilot of another aeroplane as his compass,radio went dead.Even there was not enough fuel in his tank.With the help of the another pilot,he landed safley and when he went to receptionist to thank the pilot he was informed by the lady that there was not any other plane flying in the sky that night.

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