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biturock1995... , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 31/12/11

 summary of virtually true

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Ajay Prasad , added an answer, on 19/1/12
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In This lesson

1.It Starts with a boy named Micheal reads an article in the newspaper which states that a "Miracle Recovery".A boy whose condtion was critical but stable had been recovered from coma.

2.Micheal remembers that the boy who he hasread in the news paper was SEBASTIN SHULTZ whom he met abot weeks ago in the Games.

3.This All,started in the Computer Fair when Micheal's father who is Nutty about computer bought him a new computer in which Games were preloaded.

4.When he played the game WILD WEST, he meets a Second Sheriff whom he has to go with Unfortunately,the Second Sheriff gets shot by the villans.Later On, he gets printout saying I'm Sebasting Shultz try playing Dragonquest.

5.In Dragon Quest his task was to save the Princess Aurora and he had the help of the second knight he knew that was Sebasting Though later he was killed by the Dragon.Then the Printout came that saying play JailBreak give a last try.

6.While playing Jail Break his mission was to escape with the prisoner and he knew it was him.When Micheal says we go by th Helicopter Sebasting says no But he dies.

7.Later On,He plays the game many times but the print out does not come.

8.Then One Day,the Printout comes saying that Helicopter was a better choice ,try playinG War Zone.

9.Directly he went into the game the were in some kind of city were glasses were broken he had to save Sebastin he save him When he removes his Visor he comes to know that he has got the High Score.

10.When he reads the Article Sebastin he knows that the games were stolen from him while they were coming to Hospital.and his memory has been saved in computer.

11.When he check his mail he findsmessage from Sebastiong stating that he was hit when he was playing that's why it had been saved.and asks him to keep the gameshimself.

Hope My Answer gives u a clear view onthis lesson

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Aastha Sharma , added an answer, on 13/1/12
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it is like a science fiction.in this story the memory of sebastian get stored in compuer whilehe met with an accident,those games then reach to michael by computer fair.then michael play 4 games to rescue sebastian from those pscho driven games .at last he save him in warzone and hit the jackpot.then after saving sebastian ,sebastian gift those games to michael.

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Lavanya Deogade , added an answer, on 31/12/11
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