Suppose a ban is imposed on consumption of liquior in th ecountry . Explain its effect on gross domestic product and welfare.

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By imposing ban on consumption of liquor in country  is trying to create health awareness. Consumption of liquor leads to road accidents, domestic violence and injurious to health also as failure of internal body organs and by banning liquor is trying to get people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This, in the long run, will benefit both the society and economy. Adoption of healthy habits will raise the physical and emotional welfare of the people. A healthy and fit workforce will have a positive impact on the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. Improvement in health and increase in fitness levels will lead to improved productivity arid efficiency of workforce along with greater stamina to work.  It also improves social harmony. 
This will increase the GDP of the country, i.e., higher availability of healthy workforce and further increase the welfare, of people.


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