suppose pollution has increased in your area in a large scale. Now write an imaginary dialogue between two friends about how to reduce it.

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

A: The air quality has gone fro bad to worse in our area in the last fortnight.
B: Yes, I am facing difficulty in breathing and my eyes have also started watering.
A: There are many reasons for this increased pollution.
B: We really need to check people who have started burning garbage on the roadside.
A: And request everybody in the colony to get pollution check done for their vehicles: toxic gases are emitted by many cars and motorbikes. We must plan a plantation drive in our area to increase the green cover.
B: What about the main culprit: the factory nearby that releases such dark, heavy and toxic gases into the air?
A: We will have to report that matter to the concerned authorities as talks with that factory owner have failed and there is no change...

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