Taking help from the extract, answer the following questions:(a) what does" but now "in the opening line mean?(b) when in line 3, she says "but now", what does she mean? (c)How is this meaning brought out in what she goes on to say?

Dear Student,

a) In the opening line, the use of words 'by now' means 'till now'. Portia wants to say that till now everything belonged to her including her mansion and servants.
b) In the third line when she says 'but now' she means 'from that moment'. She wants to say that all that was hers, from now, belongs to Bassanio.
c) The meaning is brought out as she says that everything that belonged to her now belonged to Bassanio. She also gave him a ring and said that with it she had given all to Bassanio. 

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