Teachers! can u plz give me d format for letters(formal n informal), notices, speech, diary, passage, etc.!!  n many more that u think i forgot to mention........n plz tell me important points. .. .plzzzzz

As i hv my xm on 14th!  Plzz as early as possible!

DAIRY ENTRY:Date: eg. 7th June 2010 or 7 June, or Monday, 7June
Opening: eg. Dear Diary,
Introduction: Could be a general comment on how the day was. eg. Today was a great day! or Today was a boring day.
Body: It is the main part of the diary entry. You could describe what happened to you or your personal feelings about something or someone. You could also write about your future plans in this part.
Conclusion: The diary entry can be concluded with a comment about the day, eg. It was overall an exciting day or the situation at that moment, eg. I am really tired now, after a long day at work.
Closing: eg. Love, XXX or bye XXX
 follow the links for
-(formal letter)
-(informal letter)
all the answers in these links are answered by meritnation experts.refer to the links for the formats.
I will send u rest of the formats tomorrow. 
See my profile tomorrow and for learning chapters go to www.extraminds.com and learn. Videos are available of all the chapters just go through all the videos of the chapters that u have . U have enough time didi don't worry. 
Pray to god before and after learning.
All the best didi don't worry.
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 I am not a teacher but a student

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hope this benefits u

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