teens yeas are fun years . write an articles commenting on the statement in 100 to 120 words

Dear Student,
Teenage Years are fun years.
                                 By Amit/Anisha
Teenage years are the most crucial years. It has a very short lifespan- just seven years! Therefore, for a teenager, these seven years are like heaven. It is a span of revelation. Many creative ideas cross the mind, many creative things are carried out! Whether it is Mark Zukerberg or Bill Gates, teenage had a great experience.
It is a time when the younger brothers and sisters look upon us a source of inspiration and parents seek a friend in us. It is really a wonderful experience-being at the cusp of a complete new thing. However, teenage is not just a matter of only fun. It is a matter of serious understanding of one’s own life. If we do not take proper caution about our career during the teenage time, it can spoil our life. So along with making our teenage life a fun-filled event, it should also be made into a fulfilling experience too.
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