Tell me the answer of Q no 4

Tell me the answer of Q no 4 (d) ERGOES (NALDNRLIAN. What are some of the changes that happen in adolescents that signal the brain? โ€ข4 U hat happens in women's body in between two menstrual cycles? How do egg laying animals fertilize their eggs? Name the hormones and their functions secreted by pituitary gland. Life begins from a single cell called zygote .Explain the statement. uhat is meant by the term gestation period? Find out the gestation Elephant (b) Dog (c) Rat (d) Human being

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In between two menstrual cycles, the ovary continues to give rise to the ovum. The cell continues to grow in between these phases and increases in number. When the onset of the menstrual cycle comes then these cells come out of the women's body.

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