Tell me what are the opening lines in debate

Dear student 

A debate can be started in many ways. You could start by introducing yourself to the audience and the judges as a more formal approach. If you feel introductions are not necessary and want to get right into the topic, start off with a fact that will capture the attention of the audience. 

For example: What if I told you, that as recent as 2012, earth saw the disappearance of an entire species of Rhinos. The Western Black Rhinoceros was declared extinct at the end of 2011. We used to think that animal extinction could never happen in this day and age but behold...we will now never see this species of Rhino ever again. 


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 Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this debate. ○ Welcome from this side of the house...
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Good Morning to one n all present here... i, (your name) frm ( your topic & side) welcome you to thiz debate here.... 

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Sweet girl intro seems nice. Nice sweety.....
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