The Ailing Planet : The Green Movement's Role


Who is 'the world's most dangerous animal'? Why did they put a mirror inside a cage in the Zoo at Lusaka???


Nani Palkhivala, in his article, cites an example of a zoo at Zambia where outside a cage a notice reads the “world's most dangerous animal”. However, inside the cage there is no animal but a mirror. It has been done so to bring a realisation to people visiting the zoo that it is not any other animal than human being himself who poses the biggest of all threats to our Blue-green planet.

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Hey!! Oli…certainly man has been the most dangerous animal that ever lived on this earth. He has swallowed fisheries, forests, grasslands, croplands…..almost every thing. The notice at a cage in the Zoo @ Lusaka reads, “The world’s most dangerous animal”.

Inside the cage there is no animal but only a mirror where you can see yourself. The mirror reflects the image of the real villain. He is none else than the human himself…..!!



Hopes I clear ur doubt…!! :)



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Thanx sid.....nice answer dear..!!@@!! :-)

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nic answer

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