The blood stains in the canterville chase bring a dramatic change in the attitude of otis family elucidate

The continual renewal of the blood stain on the library floor excited the attention of the Otis family. It was a strange occurrence considering the fact that the door was always locked at night by Mr Otis and the windows were kept closely barred. The chameleon-like changing of colours attracted a good deal of comment. Some mornings it was a dull red, then it would be vermilion, a rich purple and once when they came down for family prayers, they found it to be bright emerald-green. These kaleidoscopic changes amused the party very much and bets were freely made on the subject every evening.The impression formed regarding the American attitude in the story is that these people were fearless, modern and products of rational thinking. The Otis family are depicted as fearless even in the face of preternatural phenomena while the former English occupants of Canterville Chase were helpless victims in the hands of the ghost. This shows that an emergent modern nation like America and its citizens were of a pioneering sort with not a grain of fear because they had travelled to unknown lands and set up homes in wild places.

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the blood stains in the canterville chase bring a dramatic change in the attitude of otis family elucidate as the blood stain was removed by the son of mr. otis then again the stain come on the same place next day and again this happen .by this they got to know that there is a ghost here . but they were not scared yet. the son of the mr. otis told his family that he will complain related to this detergent which cannot remove the stain. this was really drammatic.
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