The children of Seemapuri are partners in survival. They have lost the spring of their lives-the golden childhood-in quest of money to sustain life. Write an article revealing the miseries of child labourers in Seemapuri and Firozabad. Also suggest some practical measures to curb he evil.

Dear student 

The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However here are a few useful hints. 

- The hardest thing for a child to do is work for a living, whilst watching other children have fun, and get an education. 
- The child labourers in Seemapuri and Firozabad are unable to improve their own lives and therefore can never come out of poverty. 
- Child labourers are often forced into work by their own parents. 
- These children are robbed of happiness. They are prone to mental health issues like depression. 
- Child labour is also dangerous for the children. As they are inexperienced, they are prone to accidents. 
- The government must take the initiative and make child labour illegal and impose a heavy fine on those who force children into child labour. 
- The government and NGOs must provide free education and paid apprenticeships to children so that education does not feel like a burden. 


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Start like this " in this rapid developing world where leaders talk about development and raising the standards of people they are failing in basic issues. One of those issues is miseries child labour in seemapuri and firozabad. Children are made to work in inhuman conditions" then in 2nd para state the cons and pros then in third para state that no efforts are taken to overcome this problem then last para states some steps and end like"its high time to.take.action". Hope.its.useful
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