The coarse of the Loisel's life changed due to the necklace .. Comment ..

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Madan Forestier's necklace turned Loisels' life upside down. Matilda borrowed a beautiful diamond necklace from Madam Forestier as she also wanted to look affluent among other rich ladies. But unfortunately she lost that necklace at the ball. When all her efforts failed in finding the necklace, Matilda and her husband decided to buy a similar necklace and return it to Madam Forestier. The value of new diamond necklace was 40,000 francs. Mr. Loisel was just having 18000 francs with him.  They borrowed the remaining amount, bought a new necklace and returned it to Madam Forestier. The Loisels' life was now totally miserable. They had to work very hard to pay off the debt. They sent away their maids and started living in a rented room. After 10 years of hard work, they were able to repay the loan. Mrs. Loisel became a crude woman of a poor household due to the burden of loan. Later, she came to know that it was an artificial necklace in place of which she has returned a diamond necklace. Thus, a necklace changed her life completely. 


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