The condition of the society towards the elderly people is declining with passage of time . Write an article stating the problems faced by elderly people and how they ( problems ) can be removed .

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Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer.
  • Elders ought to be respected and looked after by the younger generation.
  • Elders are the ultimate path finders for us.
  • They enrich us with their vast experience and keep us tune with our ancestral legacy.
  • There existed a culture within our society in which the elders were the head of the family and were given the due respect till their last breath.
  • However, they are ill-treated and despised in the present times.
  • Most of them find their last years in the shelter of an old age home.
  • It is important that we learn to respect and care for our elders.
  • We ought to remember the years when they have cared for us and have guided us.
  • We ought to care for them and give them our love and warmth.
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