The diagram given shows a section of a human kidney.  Study the diagram carefully and answer the questions that follow

(ii) Why does part 2 has a stripped appearance?
(v) Name the two major steps in the formation of fluid that passes down part 4.

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ii. Part 2 (medulla) appears to be striped because the collecting ducts present in it are arranged in the form of bundles and form renal pyramids. 

v. The two major steps in the formation of fluid (glomerular filtrate) are- ultrafiltration and selective reabsorption.

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5-- I guess its ultrafiltration and reabsorption of usefull subtances
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In 5 :-urine will pass from that pipe and use of formation of urine is to throw out the waste product from body and to clean out the blood , so that our body does not have any waste material.
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And in 2 it has striped appearance so that it get large surface area to filter out more toxic material from blood.
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