The difference between the place and face value 3 in the numeral 6,530 is:
(A)10 Thousand (B)1 Lakh (C)10 Lakh (D)10 Crore

The place value of a digit in a number is the value it holds to be at the place in the number, i.e. the value of the digit when expressed in  expanded form of the number.
The face value of a digit is the value of the digit itself at whatever place it may be in the number.
Writing the given number in the expanded form
6530 = 6000 + 500 + 30 +0
The place value of 3 in 6530 is 30 
and its face value is 3.
Therefore, the difference between its place value and face value is
30 - 3 = 27.

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