the equivalent inductance of two inductors is 2.4 H when connected in parallel and10 H when connected in series .The difference between two inductance is(neglecting mutual induction between coils)

Let the two inductors be L1 and L2.
When the inductors are connected in series.
Equivalent resistance,
Ls=L1+L210=L1+L2L1=10-L2When the inductors are connecetd in parallel1Lp=1L1+1L2Lp=L1L2L1+L22.4=(10-L2)L210-L2+L210L2-L22=24L22-10L2+24=0L22-6L2-4L2+24=0L2(L2-6)-4(L2-6)=0(L2-6)(L2-4)=0therefore, L2=6 or 4
The two inductors are 6 H and 4 H, therefore the difference between them = 6 - 4 = 2 H

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