The late sheikh zayed was a very competent leader. He accepts responsibility keeps vows and pledges and believes in moving forward. He does not follow a routine as he thinks that successs comes from thinking outside the box Sheikh zayed was thought about hardships hardwork and enjoying the success of it Along with his onground expirinece and acceptance of others opinions he made a true leader. HE was very Wise

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The late Sheikh Zayed was a very competent and knowledgeable leader. He accepted responsibility and kept vows and pledges and believed in moving forward. He did not follow a routine as he thought that success came from thinking outside the box. Sheikh Zayed thought about hardships, hardwork and enjoyed the success after it. Along with his experience and acceptance of other’s opinions, he made a true leader. He was very wise.

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I forgot to add the question it is as follows:
Add punctuations and Adjectives to the following sentence:
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